Prematurity Awareness Month and Book Giveaway

October 10 was a regular, beautiful autumn day, and one we will now celebrate forever. It is the day my son and his wife gave birth to twins, Jack and Eloise “Ellie,” at 34 weeks gestation.  I could never have imagined the novel I wrote about the inception of the infant incubator would become soContinue reading “Prematurity Awareness Month and Book Giveaway”

On our own Miracles, and a podcast

When the idea for Miracle at the Sideshow began forming in 2018, I could never have imagined how personally the story of Dr. Martin Couney would impact me and my family. On October 10, 2022, my son and his wife welcomed 34-week gestation twins into the world, Jack Thomas, and Eloise Mae. The first hoursContinue reading “On our own Miracles, and a podcast”

Celebrating NICU Awareness Month!

I adored every second of the time I spent working in the NICU as a nurse, and I drew upon many experiences there when writing Miracle at the Sodeshow, based on the true story of Dr. Martin Couney, the man largely responsible for the advent of neonatal care at the turn of the 20th centuryContinue reading “Celebrating NICU Awareness Month!”

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