Quarantine journals: April 2

242,182 diagnosed. 5,850 dead. 8,991 recovered. ***** I’m really thankful today for friends who have more faith than i who post truths my head knows full well, but my heart falters. Just sharing one of those today. Waymaker. That’s what we sing. Even when sorrows like sea billows roll. “…for God gave us a spiritContinue reading “Quarantine journals: April 2”

Quarantine journals: March 31

184,183 diagnosed. 3,721 deaths (more than 9-11). 6,043 recovered. ***** A calm hovers over the panic. Do you feel it? People helping people. People cheering us on. Several local Sunday small groups made signs for us nurses, signs saying we are brave and strong and heroes, and when we came to work Monday morning theyContinue reading “Quarantine journals: March 31”

A tale of two cities: a nurse in the midst of COVID

It was the best of times… …buds on trees and people walking their dogs and riding their bikes and setting groceries on the stoops of shut ins and dads playing with their kids on front lawns on sunny spring days and seamstresses sewing masks and the camaraderie of nurses and doctors and RTs and PTsContinue reading “A tale of two cities: a nurse in the midst of COVID”

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