on not knowing. a poem.

it’s in the not knowing that the heart wrestles with pain on one side and joy on the other. not knowing whether to write or not to write, to build or not to build to preach to the captives or to stay silent. are the birds full of such angst as they gather before theirContinue reading “on not knowing. a poem.”

early morning. haiku.

dog snoring softly coffee hot, sipped slow, as God awakens my soul

What’s holding you back?

I have an assignment for you today. Don’t worry. I won’t be collecting papers or giving out grades. This is an open book, self-guided assignment.  Think back over the last 24-72 hours of your life. Longer, if you’d like. What have you been watching? What have you been listening to? What have you been scrollingContinue reading “What’s holding you back?”

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