Shakespeare knew it even then. Day 6 of #25daysofgood

I subbed at my kids’ school

today, the ghost of Macbeth reincarnated 

in prose. The ancient ambition for tyranny never dies,

as if Shakespeare knew then the voices of pink-faced

youth would rise and fall and try

to understand

when the hurlyburly’s done, life

is but a walking shadow.


My kids’ school and Shakespeare are good.

What’s YOUR good?

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On summer

corn rows hugging 


once barrren streets

thyme from a garden

completing fresh steaks

toes in the grass

between precious bare feet

fireflies shoot rays of

hope through the heat

a time for growth

and renewal of land

a time for rest

and His shade on my hand

a time for propping

plump tomatoes on vines

a time to hug my kids

who are home and all mine

 “Be happy, young man, while you are young,
       and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth.”

~Ecclesiastes 11:9

This post was written for the One Word at a Time blog carnival on “summer,” and for Chatting at the Sky’s Tuesday’s Unwrapped.