The birds are singing constantly at our house these spring days! Cardinals are a reminder to me that God is always with me… the red of their feathers a reminder of the price paid for our salvation and that no matter the struggle in my life God makes a way. I may not understand it, and to be honest I’m often pretty cantankerous in the midst of trials, but praise God He is big enough for my sass and my worship, whether I’m contrite or cantankerous. Amen?

blue jay. a poem.

how good it is to know

the call of a blue jay, the joy

of knowing the voice of one

so small but so brilliant

blue. still, small

voices make all the difference

if only the world and my soul

still enough

and hear.

here. a poem.

he was four
when he sat on his haunches
in the emerald spring grass
picking splats of sunshine
yellow [some call weeds]
and stuffing wilty stems
into the tender fold of his hand.
“here, mama.”
dandelions are
my favorites.

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